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22. května 2013 v 18:33

When I plug them into my PC's front microphone port and turn them all the way up, I can hear a high pitched constant beeping and some distortion. It's odd, when I interact with the PC (Like minimizing a window, or moving the volume slider up and down) the beeps mimic my input. As I drag the volume slider i hear each individual value as a beep in my headset.

Now I've narrowed it down to my PC because I sol republic headphones can unplug and plug in cables all day but the beep will not stop unless I turn popsolrepublic.com off the headphones or unplug the front microphone input. I've ruled out cables because I've tried another. I've re installed my audio driver. Also, It only starts the beeping once Windows has begun to load, I guess as its loading the audio driver.

I don't think its just white noise either, because I have a sound system hooked up to my PC as well. When i crank the sound system all the way up, I hear normal white noise. And I used to hear the same exact noise from my headphones, as soft low hum. These beeping sounds are not white noise.


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